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A Guest's Guide to Zoom Song Swaps
Panning Overdubs in Loopy Pro
Week ending 2023-09-24
Week ending 2023-09-03
Week ending 2023-08-27
Week ending 2023-08-20
Week ending 2023-08-13
Week ending 2023-07-30
Week ending 2023-07-23
Week ending 2023-07-16
Impermanence matters
More Mastodon fiddling
Migrating to Mastodon
General purpose computing is the best!
Evolving my streaming setup
Quick site update
Keep it Simple, But Where's The Fun In That?
We have WebMentions
«tap tap» is this thing on?
Adding a generic oembed handler for Hugo
My Virtual Gig-Like Thing
A Wizard of Earthsea
"A recipe is just a directed acyclic graph…"
Running a bakery on Emacs and PostgreSQL
Asshole Free Devil's Advocacy
Bakehouse Diary
Taking Stock
The Meaning of Soundpost
MacOS Sierra Niggles
Bakehouse Diary
Bakehouse Diary
Bakehouse Diary
Bakehouse Diary
Static migration
We Deserve Better
Reading 'The Traits Paper'
Reading Turing
Big Data and Singing Crowds
Getting Softer
Fun with solder
In which Piers prepares to void the warranty...
Belated OSCON writeup
An instructive joke for all occasions
Pretty Saro
References in Child of the Library
The Further Adventures of Child of the LIbrary
A Child of the Library, revised
Lands' End
Save Our Libraries
The OSCON Proposal I really, really want to be accepted
Repertoire Project: Lottery Song
A Handy Builder Pattern
Asynchronous Streams
Higher Order Javascript
... and relax
The Blackbird, by Dave Webber
Composed in August
Palms of Victory/The Wayworn Traveller
A tale of two languages
Little Musgrave
Come Write Me Down
False True Love
How can I keep from Singing
Rules of Engagement
Repertoire Project: The Grey Cock
Repertoire Project: The Pretty Ploughboy
Calling any Xkb gurus
The Perils of RFSI
An evening of open source entertainment
Supporting the good guys
Falling out of love with a language
Class decomposition and a handy delegation pattern
Twice now
Test::Class::Sugar 0.3, no, 0.4
Perl 5, version 10.1
Perl: Not just a hobby any more Presentation Video
Another conference season, another dumb sexist
Freedom is in Peril
Test::Class::Sugar released
Keep calm and carry on my eye
Thinking about the virtues
Magic vs Mundane: Keeping them apart
Writing parsers for fun and convenience
Perl: Test Infected since 1987
A tip for all programmers
Things that may inspire me to hunt and kill you
Modern Perl
Moose for Ruby programmers
Marking time...
Choosing a language for 2009
It's not just modern music Giles...
Warnings are the new test failures
Maybe time to look at shoulda
Javascript heresy
I think I'm in love with an Axe
Just a thought
And if there were, what then?
Arguments you wouldn't make in Alabama
If you're going to add a hook, make it a big one
Oh. Bugger
Get sophisticated
Work with us
Usability testing (throws) rocks
Announcing Announcements for Ruby
git is the monads
Rails tip: Dealing with out of sync migrations
A quick Javascript formatting tip
Ads are gone
Fat is an economic issue
Reinventing the wheel for fun and profit
Code is data, and it always has been
Javascript scoping makes my head hurt
Baby's first screencast
I am not a rock star
Joined up thinking: why your resources want links
Patterns and principles
The authentication tarpit
Martin Fowler's big mouthful
Getting to grips with Javascript
The secret of comedy is...
Typo 5 is out - and more on the future
Rails 2.0 and the Future of Typo
Comprehensible sorting in Ruby
Can I get a witness?
So... I was wondering
An announcement
Things that make a developer cry
Leopard Polish
Time flies when you're enjoying yourself
Rails tip: Side effect filters
Typo on Rails 2
Railsconf Europe Photos
Today's Noun is: Reticence
Slide Of The Conference
My head hurts
Hello Berlin!
A tiny ruby niggle
Flash and Javascript, sitting in a tree...
Typo stuff
Today's Noun Is: Notation
Today's noun is: Reification
Reading Beautiful Code
Five nouns for programmers
A cunning (evil?) trick with Ruby
Domain Specific Pidgin
Doing the fixture thing
Deja vu all over again
Holiday Reading
Off on holiday
Theres Good Clever, and Bad Clever
You never know when a coracle will come in handy
Cheat all you want, but don't get caught
How I learned to stop worrying and love aggressive mockery
Dogfood time again
Deprecation! That's what you need!
The pleasures of baking
The sky is not evil
Metaprogramming == Programming
Domain Agnostic Languages
Woohoo! Live comment previews are live.
Finally learning JavaScript
What the?
Things which are fun
Other things which aren't fun
Things which aren't fun
Why don't more books work like this?
Why I love Smalltalk
Routing Speed
What happened to the routing rework?
That was fun
Rails, CRUD, REST and the importance of adjectives
Mmm... parsers
Wanted: module/starter.rb
Cunning Typo Sidebar Tricks
Typo Brain Dump
You are in a maze of little, twisty evals, all similar.
New Layout
PragDave nails it. Again.
Terminology counts
The Authentication Fairy
Must. Empty. Trash.
Mmm... special!
That's not fluent...
Cover me; I'm going in!
DSLs, Fluent Interfaces, and how to tell the difference
The commenting problem
D'oh! Why didn't that click before?
Listen to the Voice!
For bad, map pretty
Ah... found it
Technical Entitlement
Initial release of acts_as_resource
'acts_as_resource' progress
Tips for data smugglers
My first 'acts_as' plugin
Continuing Sudoku
Five things you probably don't know about me...
Word of the day: Musicking
What I've been up to recently
Blessed are the toolmakers
Getting the Rspec religion
Everyone is human...
A sketch of declarative ActiveRecord Migrations
Typo on Rails 1.2
Dear LazyWeb
Why fly when you can drive to Berlin?
How do you find me again?
Precalculating in Typo
Getting back to Typo
Second thoughts...
It's not just open source that has a problem with sexism
Rolling back the enlightenment
How are we gonna keep 'em down on the farm?
Catching up with Dominus
Holy wha?
Yes... that would be me
Reasons to be edgy...
Capturing a rant
Lightning Lightning talks
Crossing the Rubicon. Again
Did I really just say that?
What we have here is an opportunity to accelerate
Have you ever eaten a meal that made you laugh?
Linguistically motivated refactoring
Gone Fishing
EuroOSCON on a shoestring, ctd.
Exactly how photogenic is Damian Conway?
Snakes on a... oh, who cares?
EuroOSCON on a shoestring
Mmm... I got my theme back
Applying design patterns unconsciously
Dogfood time
Cunning tricks with the new typo sidebars
Victory! For now
Pulling a surprise all nighter
Other viewpoints, and why they are important
Small world syndrome
Recent instability
Which side are you on?
Dear LazyWeb
That time of year again...
Scratching an Itch Again
Working round the Rails showstopper
A weekend in August
Ruby 'til 6
How do you find me?
Typo 4
Desperately seeking remuneration
Spiers and Boden
Code Ownership Dies Hard
Write your own Typo sidebar
Scratching an Itch
And... relax...
If you test it, I will patch
Well, that's put the dampers on the day
New Toy!
Not even remotely copious free time
Not so Copious Free Time
The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2005-01-09
George Bush
The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2006-01-01
Look out world!
What is Java for?
Finding the upside
Cultural differences
Fluent Interfaces
The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2005-12-18
Humane interfaces again
Have we really got that much china?
Moving day
Cut and Paste? Just say no!
Java people are funny
Out of box experience
The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2005-12-04
Welcome to the new server
On the road again
Calling all Typo theme hackers
Travelling hopefully
Bwah hah ha ha!
Testing Your Assumptions
Speaking of Advertising
You shag one lousy sheep!
Perl Glamour
Perl 6 Summary: Week ending 2005-11-27
Perl 6 Summary for the fortnight ending 2005-11-13
The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2005-10-30
Women in Open Source
Stealing Culture
Rael's View
Back from 'Dam
Spiers and Boden: Songs
The meaning of BOFH
Joining the dots
Packing for EuroOSCON
The Perl 6 Summary 2005-10-09
You what?
Had we but world enough, and time: Serenity
Complexity Management Revisited
Testing Is Good
Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is Pt. 2
A note to myself
Another good night at the Cumberland
Thinking aloud about Typo
Drat! Probably
EuroOSCON here I come
Happy Birthday to me!
Shuffling Off Towards Springfield
Version Control
Another Two Cultures
The Trouble With Tags
A Strange and Bitter Crop
The Joy of Text
Putting my money where my mouth is
The Psychopath Who Knows Where You Live
A bright light on the culinary road to Damascus
Books inbound
The Pickaxe Book
The moneygrubbing continues
The Latest Paypal Phisherman
Argh! My ears! Pt. 2
What's the right answer?
We're getting there
Excuse my dust
I was a choirboy once...
Argh! My Ears!
The other shoe
New! Shiny!
Still here
Chris Gorniak RIP
Goodbye 2004
Ho hum
Ooh, shiny!
That US Election Results Reaction
New nephew and new photos of Isaac
WYL4: Easy Life
WYL3: A Day In The Life
WYL2: Putting Myself On The Map
WYL: Introducing myself
Dahling! The Camera loves you!
I'm 37!
Cooking Fat!
Quite Ugly One Morning
It's all so long ago!
Wilf on the Best Swing Ever
Comments working again
Eurofoo photos
Ooh... MT3
It's been a while...
Welcome to the world
It's obvious...
The pleasures of orthogonality
Am I awfully intolerant?
Finding a problem...
Not my best week...
Staff of Life
Back on the Air
Recent problems
Monstrous Regiment
Halfway through September and nothing new!
'Extreme Building'
"The best thing for being sad"
Speaking of Trust...
Learning to Trust
Laying out code
Essential Perl 6
Certification and Standards
The Fine Art of Complexity Management
The Quality Without A Name
Extreme Speaking
The Importance of Style
Back from OSCON