The Meaning of Soundpost

Written by Piers Cawley on

Do you know Soundpost? They’re awesome. In March 2011 I (and everyone else on the Royal Traditions mailing list I suspect) got some email from Fay Hield talking about her “exciting plans” to run a “weekend of singing workshops, talks and socialising with some of the finest and most thought provoking singers on the English folk scene.” and wanted to gauge interest and suggestions as to what sort of sessions we’d be interested in.

I wrote back with suggestions and a bucket of enthusiasm. Fay’s reply was lovely

Still in feasibility stages and I’m fluctuating between thinking it’s a brilliant idea and that I’m mad

Those exciting plans turned into the first Dungworth Singing Weekend. It was magical. Great singers, fine singing in the Royal and thought provoking discussion and teaching. Serious, but far from po-faced. That was Soundpost’s first event and they’ve been delivering enjoyable and stimulating events ever since.

Arts Emergency makes badges which read “sometimes if you want something to exist you have to make it yourself”. The beauty of Soundpost is that I can make something else I want to exist because Fay, Jon, Sam, Andy and co. have already made Soundpost and it’s wonderful.

There is a new folk revival going on and organizations like Soundpost are welding the best of the old and the new together and building something which will last; a community of musicians and singers, supporting each other and welcoming the world in to a music that can seem cliquey and stand-offish to newcomers. More power to their collective elbow.

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