Bakehouse Diary

Written by Piers Cawley on

Weeks 3–11 - Hurry Up and Wait

Doesn’t time fly when there’s nothing much you can be doing? Right now we’re pretty much where we are back in week three, except that Dad is slowly progressing on building the lifting frame which we’re going to use to reassemble the deck oven in my garage so I can finish the process of either getting the rust off the soles, or replacing them with ‘stone’. Apparently steel has been ordered so it’s just a matter of time.

The final bakehouse site is still lined up and it should be possible to sort out the 3-phase and plumbing in there quickly once we’re definitely ready to pull the trigger on moving the oven in. So, yes… right now we’re twiddling our fingers.

Meanwhile, the first Singing Together Night at the Doncaster Brewery & Tap went really well. We sang a lot of songs and Ian, the landlord sold a lot more beer than he usually does on a Thursday night so we’re chalking that up as a success. If you find yourself in or near Doncaster on next Thursday we’re presenting the fabulous Cath and Phil Tyler. You should come and listen.

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