Bakehouse Diary

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Week 3 – Musical interlude

It’s the first week in August. As soon as I finished my programming work, I drove down to Sidmouth for a couple of days of folkie immersion.

Mary Eagle

There’s not all that much to say. I didn’t get to bed before 2am each night. I sang a bunch of songs in good company. I listened to a bunch more and spent an evening singing old chestnuts, meeting house songs and school hymns with Sheila Kay Adams, Carol Anderson1 and a brilliant crowd in the garden of the Swan. Magic.

Tune in next week for more bakehouse related bakehouse diary.

  1. A amazing Scots fiddler and singer who doesn’t have a website. If you want to know what she sounded like 6 years ago, seek out the fabulously titled Single track road trip. She’s only getting better though. ↩︎

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