The Blackbird, by Dave Webber

Posted by Piers Cawley on Nov 11, 2010

The Blackbird

‘Lady of Autumn’, by Beggar’s Velvet was one of the earliest influences on my singing as I switched repertoire from the ‘plastic Paddy’ phase of my early years as a singer (I can still remember songs like the Fields of Athenry and Carrickfergus, I just don’t sing them any more). Dave Webber is both great singer and a great songwriter and this heartfelt song about the pleasures of nature and the necessity of singing got me right between the eyes and I just had to learn it. There’s not much on that album that I haven’t had in my repertoire at one time or another over the years, and I heartily recommend you all check it out.

So, although this isn’t not traditional, I have sought out and received Dave’s permission to put up my recordings of some of his songs here, and this is the first one. Enjoy.