The secret of comedy is...

Written by Piers Cawley on

… timing. You either have it or you don’t.

Does this count as good timing?

  1. Finish up some improvements to the way Typo sweeps cached pages
  2. Announce Typo 5.0
  3. Go down with a horrible cough and cold that leaves you exhausted and incapable of hacking
  4. Discover that the ‘improvements’ in Typo’s cache sweeping can, occasionally, cause it to wipe the entire Typo installation directory
  5. Stagger out of bed. Attempt to fix problem
  6. Release Typo 5.0.1
  7. Discover that the fix doesn’t work
  8. Bleargh!
  9. Let your co-maintainer deal with the fall out before releasing Typo 5.0.2 which does fix the cache sweeper
  10. We hope
  11. Recover enough to write a blog entry

Okay folks, Typo 5.0.2 is out and it appears to be working. I’m running it here, and I’ve had no problems so far. I’ve still got the cold, but it’s nowhere near as horrible as it was (went to bed at 5pm on New Year’s Eve, woke up at 11am on New Years Day - first time I’ve missed the turning of the year in ages).