Leopard Polish

Written by Piers Cawley on

Yes, I’ve upgraded to Leopard. Yes, it’s spiffy.

The headline features like Time Machine are great, but I’m loving the little details more.

For instance, the first time you go to run an application that’s been downloaded from the net, a dialogue pops up reminding you that the file has been downloaded and asking if you want to trust it. It’s a nice bit of security, and it asks you the question at the right time.

Tiger asks a similar question, but it does it at entirely the wrong moment. What happens is that Safari stops and shows you a dialogue that says something like “The file you downloaded may contain an application, do you want to continue?”. Well, of course I want to continue, I’m surfing the web, not trying to run this new app. My reaction to this sort of dialogue is to think “I just don’t care about that right now, go away and stop annoying me!”.

The way it works under the covers is pretty neat too. With any luck the OS X Finder team will take a leaf out of its book and think about replacing those annoying .DS_Store files with directory metadata along the same lines. But I’m not holding my breath.