Time flies when you're enjoying yourself

Written by Piers Cawley on

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, mostly because I’ve been indecently busy. Well, up until last Sunday when I managed to trip over a low wall in our garden and, in the process take off a large amount of the skin on my left shin. A mere flesh wound, but painful, embarrassing and it’s left me sporting what looks like a foot long, white, elastoplast. The worrying bit is that, when I went to get my wounds dressed, the nurse took one look at my bulk and demanded a urine sample. Which tested positive for glucose. For the second time in a year. So, interspersed with getting my dressings changed at the GP’s, I got a blood test and it looks like I’m diabetic.

Given my weight and what I understand about the workings of late onset diabetes, it’s not really surprising. I’m sure it’s better to get an early diagnosis than a late one, but it does rather give one pause for thought. Somehow I doubt I’m going to find it easy to change my diet and lifestyle; if it were easy, I would have done it already. I like food. I don’t like exercise - it’s a pain in the arse, time consuming and boring. About the only form of outdoor exercise I ever enjoyed was sailing, but the old adage that you can recreate the sensation of sailing by standing in a cold shower tearing up 50 pound notes is depressingly accurate and I simply don’t have the 50 pound notes to spare.


Anyway, normal blogging service should be resuming shortly; I’ve got a couple more nouns to write up as essays, and a long, half written, tutorial on writing pidgins in Ruby. Watch this space.