A sketch of declarative ActiveRecord Migrations

Written by Piers Cawley on

Writing migrations can get pretty tedious when you’re being scrupulous about writing both the up and the down side of the migration. Okay, so the Textmate ninjas amongst you can use scarily clever snippets to populate the down migration while you write the up method, but I can’t be the only Mac user who still prefers Emacs. And not everyone gets to run on Macs either.

So, inspired by something Jamis Buck wrote about designing a DSL, I’ve been sketching out a DSL for describing the easy parts of a migration in declarative style. None of this is implemented yet, but I’m pretty sure that it’s relatively simple to implement for a decent Ruby metaprogrammer. I’m brain dumping it here so I can come back to it later, or, you never know, someone might have implemented it by the time I revisit…