Getting back to Typo

Written by Piers Cawley on

I’ve been taking an accidental sabbatical from Typo. It started during conference season, then there was a bunch of housekeeping and general home type stuff that needed doing, so I’ve been away from the codeface for a while (and I still haven’t turned my EuroFOO talk into a podcast, or finished scanning and uploading all the EuroOSCON photos…)

However, I am back and coding, and a new typo feature just made it to the top of my todo list: This morning, in a fit of over enthusiasm, I managed to zap the 36 most recent comments on this blog. And, for bonus points, I didn’t have a backup.

So, now I have a backup regime in place. And the next feature I add to Typo is going to be a confirmation box when you attempt to delete any feedback that hasn’t been marked as spam.

Recent changes added to the typo trunk add CachedModel support, which dramatically reduces our query count per page, which is no bad thing either; I have other ideas for getting that count down too.

So, until the Typo Trac is back up, watch this space, I shall try and post here whenever there’s any significant changes on the trunk.


Google cache is my friend!

Miles Barr reminded me in the comments that, as well as hanging on to all those embarrassing infelicities, Google’s search cache also remembers good things like comments that you foolishly delete.

Sadly, it didn’t remember everything, but it did remember everything, but it did remember a lot, so various articles have their commenty mojo working once more.

Did I really just say ‘commenty mojo working’? It seems I did. Ah well, it’s 6.20am and I’ve been awake since 4, I think I’ll let myself off with a caution.

Oops I did it again

But my backups just saved my arse. Now I really should get on with making sure I don’t do it again.