Have you ever eaten a meal that made you laugh?

Written by Piers Cawley on

I’m guessing that, if you answer ‘yes’, you’ve been for a meal at The Fat Duck at Bray, El Bulli or some place that does the Molecular Gastronomy thing with similar élan.

We’ve just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary a day early at the Fat Duck and… wow.

I first got the giggles when we were given a small ‘Fat Duck’ cereal packet which contained some very lovely flakes of, we were assured, parsnip. We both of us hate parsnip, but this was delicious.

The giggles really set in when we were served ‘hot and cold’ Earl Grey tea that boggled the mind. Hot and cold tea, side by side in the same vessel. Quite how it was done I neither know nor care. But I want another helping of it.

This was, comfortably, the most money we’ve ever spent on a meal, but we’re already planning a return trip. If you get offered the merest sniff of a chance to go, then please, for your own sake, grab it with both hands.