That time of year again...

Posted by Piers Cawley on Aug 8, 2006

I’m still in two minds about going to EuroOSCON this year. That’s not quite true. I want to go, but I can’t afford to go. I certainly can’t afford to pay for my own ticket, and if I could I would probably have put it towards a Macbook Pro.

Looking at Eurostar prices, it looks like it’d cost me at least £285 + food and taxis to do the ‘hallway track’, which is arguably the most interesting part of these conferences.

Still, at least one of my photos will be there. I just got mail from Fotango asking if they could use my photo of Simon Wardley at last year’s EuroOSCON for his attendee photo.

Which is flattering. There’s a whole set of photos from last year’s conference. Here’s a few of my favourites.

So, now the trick is to find someone who’ll stand me to a conference ticket and possibly a hotel room in exchange for more photos like these.

By the way, if you are pictured in any of the photos in my flickr stream and want to use the image for the same sort of reason as Simon (which isn’t quite compatible with the non commercial part of the OpenContent license they’re released under), please drop me a line or comment here. I shall be happy to grant such permission. If you want to use ‘em in print or advertising or what have you, we need to talk.