Desperately seeking remuneration

Written by Piers Cawley on

The ‘gizzajob’ post

In the unlikely event that you’ve been wondering where I’ve been this last while, I’ve been busy with one of those long dark teatime of the soul affairs, all the while baking bread.

Right now, I’m seriously considering giving up programming and becoming an artisan baker making really good crusty bread in a woodfired oven. Or maybe an ‘event’ photographer - weddings, parties, open source conferences etc.

Which is all very well, but it doesn’t really bring home anything that looks remotely like bacon. So, once the electrician’s finished in my office, I’m going to be getting my nose back to the Typo grindstone and demonstrating to myself and anyone else who’s interested in hiring a programmer that I can do sustained maintainance work. Things are looking good for Typo right now, Scott has recently squashed a nasty memory leak, sped things up nicely and has added a friendly installation system, which means 4.0 is amost ready to roll.

So, I need to get back up to speed on what’s changed and start hanging out on the channel and doing some support work. All the while looking for work. So, if you are looking for a reasonably experienced ruby programmer with Rails experience, backed up by nearly 10 years experience with dynamic object oriented programming, get in touch, I could well be your man.