New Toy!

Written by Piers Cawley on

Remember the new camera I ordered back in December? It finally arrived last Friday, about a month after I expected it.

It’s lovely. Nikon seem to have addressed almost all the things that were really starting to piss me off about my D100. Most importantly (for me) I’ve not yet run out of image buffer while taking real photos; something I used to do all the time when I was shooting with the old one. 21 frames isn’t quite a whole roll of film, but I don’t want to shoot a whole roll of film in 7 seconds very often…

So, rather than fill my Flickr stream with pictures of the box it came in and my office (which seemed to be the common theme of many of the early photos in the flickr D200 pool…) I gave myself a little project which I call:

Sage People

I wandered down to the Sage Gateshead and photographed and talked to the people sat in the atrium. I had a great time; I’ll probably do it again and soon. Part of the brief I gave myself was that I wouldn’t simply take photographs, but I’d get everyone’s permission first and find out why they were in the Sage that afternoon.