Finding the upside

Posted by Piers Cawley on Dec 12, 2005

My D200 didn’t arrive on the 15th of December. Jacobs are blaming Nikon, Nikon are probably blaming Jacobs. To compound my error, I took the D100 down to the Mill for Christmas, but forgot to take the battery charger. So, no Christmas photos from me.

Which is a good thing. The problem with taking a camera to parties is that the camera turns me from a participant into an observer. Sometimes, being an observer is great; other times, not so much.

So, a cracking Christmas was had by all and there will be no embarrassing photos. (Although there were a couple of moments when I wished I could have pulled my trusty Ricoh GR1 out of my pocket and snapped the kids who continue to be exceedingly cute.)