Out of box experience

Written by Piers Cawley on

Have you ever bought hardware from Apple?

Lovely wasn’t it?

I don’t mean the kit was necessarily lovely – Apple have build their fair share of clunkers in the past. I’m talking about the experience of getting your iPod, PowerBook, PowerMac or whatever out of its box for the first time. It’s obvious that Apple have spent a good deal of time on making that out of box experience as satisfying as possible. A box that you will probably only use once seems to have had as much care lavished on it as the thing it contains.

Maybe Sony have got better at this sort of thing, but I remember when I bought a MiniDisc player a few years ago. Where my iPod came in a great looking box that opened in a satisfying way which made it easy to get at the goodies it contained, the MiniDisc came in just another box and was awkward to get at to boot.

I felt, and still feel, good about my iPod. I haven’t a clue where my MiniDisc Recorder has got to.

So, why is this post in the Typo category?