We're getting there

Written by Piers Cawley on

After much poring over The Truck Wheels pdf[1] and the Pickaxe book, accompanied by a certain amount of waving of dead chickens[2], I’m pleased to direct your attention to the sidebar where you will find a selection of relevant links to Amazon. If your interest is piqued, maybe you’d like to toddle over there and spend your hard earned cash on these and other fine books, enabling me to live in the lap of luxury on kickbacks from everyone’s favourite book pimp.

In the future I hope to have slightly prettier links, but I’m still finding my way around the code, and Amazon Web Services, and…

Still, I’m pleased with it so far.

[1] The Pragmatic Programmers are fine people. Rails is a well thought out and documented framework. However, I’m really struggling to come up with a pithy description of the picture on the cover of Agile Web Development with Rails. So, do I lack the word power or have Dave and David dropped the ball on cover design?

[2] No goats or virgins were harmed in the making of the sidebar. I think it’s important that you know that. Besides, this is Gateshead, where am I going to find a Virgin?