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Site policies

Site policies

In case you’re wondering about how I try to run this site…

Comment moderation

The basic rule with comment moderation is “My house, my rules”. Rules are subject to change at any time, but usually include, in a rough order of importance:

No spam
I’ve been noticing a bunch of ‘innocuous’ spam saying “I loved this post” from users who then link to spam sites. Because I’m lazy, I taken to simply zapping comments along these lines without bothering to confirm that the site is a spam site. If you enjoy something I’ve posted, I’m always glad to receive mail, but as a rule of thumb for publicly commenting on an entry, ask yourself “Is this comment interesting to anyone but the original poster?” before hitting the commit button
Generally I leave comments that abuse me – I take the view that they say more about the commenter than they do about me. However, I am far less tolerant of comments that abuse third parties, especially other commenters


I have reviewed books that I’ve been given; although I confess to not having been scrupulous about mentioning this in previous reviews, my policy is that, in the future I will always mention cases where I haven’t laid out my own cash for the things I review.


You may have noticed the adsense ads on these pages. Right now, these are the only ads I’m prepared to run on this site. Requests to carry other ads either through text links or some other network will be ignored.

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